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Campa Torres

Five reasons to hate Gijón

  If you prefer tarmac to greenery in all circumstances and parks, gardens and country paths produce a strange, gut-reaction…


August is even more Gijón/Xixón

Gijón/Xixón is even more Gijón/Xixón in August. August is our city’s most festive, sparkling month, with cultural, folk and gastronomic…


Flying high in Asturias

  For those visitors to Gijón with a more adventurous spirit, the active tourism firm Volar en Asturias offers the…



  Sustainability. A veritable buzzword nowadays. Everything is sustainable, or should be. But what is sustainability? What is sustainable? Let’s…


Penance-free processions

Those of a certain age always called these processions to a local shrine, generally followed by festivities, romerías. Pure and…

gijon_playas_san lorenzo_surfera sentada_ivan_fernandez

Five colours, five treasures

Green. The treasure of the Botanic Gardens is green in colour. It is the most extensive and varied patch of…


Stroll and learn

  There is a Gijón made of stone that speaks. You need only listen and let yourself be swept away…

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