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Legal register

1.- Company information

In compliance with Article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, dated 11 July, concerning Services offered by the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following constitutes the identification data regarding the company:

  • NAME: Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón
  • REGISTERED NAME: Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. N.I.F.:
    A- 33782814
  • REGISTERED OFFICE: Santa Lucía 19, 2º – 33206 Gijón (SPAIN)
  • TELEPHONE: (+34) 985 18 51 00 / 985 34 17 71
  • E-MAIL:

2.- Website statement of purpose

The purpose of the pages contained on this website is to facilitate general public knowledge about Gijón, as well as its cultural, gastronomic and tourist offerings. The Sociedad Mixta de Turismo (SMT) de Gijón (Joint Tourist Board JTB -of Gijón) reserves the right to effect any changes to the information contained in its site or in its configuration and presentation at any time and without previous notice.

3.- Intellectual property

The copyright for the material contained in this website is held by Sociedad Mixta de Turismo (Joint Tourist Board) or by authors so indicated. Free access to the material does not imply other rights or license for its reproduction and/or distribution without express authorisation. The trademarks, logotypes, designs, contents, programmes and similar subjects that form part of this site are protected by industrial and intellectual property laws and international treaties.

The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, manipulation or disassembly of the source code, the incorporated algorithms or the data bases, whether in whole or in part, shall result in severe civil and criminal liabilities and shall be subject to whatever legal actions may be deemed applicable by law.

4.- Privacy policy

In compliance with the regulations in effect regarding the protection of information and concerning the services offered by the information society and electronic trade, the user accepts that the personal details supplied at the time of registration be entered into files belonging to this Administration for the following uses:

  • For the accurate identification of users who request information about our company or our services through,
  • To carry out statistical studies of registered users in order to design improvements in the services offered,
  • For management of basic administrative tasks,
  • To also maintain the user informed, via e-mail or any other means, of the latest news, products and services of interest to the user or with third-party collaborating companies.

In the case of commercial messages via electronic mail or similar means, users grant their express consent to advertising being sent by said means. Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. agrees to fulfil its obligation to maintain information of a personal nature secret and its duty to handle this information in a confidential way. To this effect, it adopts the necessary security, organisational and technical measures to avoid its alteration, loss or unauthorised handling or access, in compliance with the stipulations of Spanish Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, for the Protection of Information of a Personal Nature, and all other applicable legislation.

The user shall answer, in any case, to the veracity of the information provided. Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. reserves the right to exclude any user who has provided false information from the registered services, without dismissing the possibility of taking any and all other legal actions. Any registered user may at any time exercise the right rectify and, if such be the case, cancel the personal data they have furnished by sending a written request to: Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A., c/ Santa Lucía 19, 2º – 33206 Gijón (SPAIN).

5.- Miscellaneous

A.- Access to the contents of this site is free for all Users, and does not require previous subscription or registration by the User. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, excepting the necessary interruptions required for system maintenance and improvement or as a result of the following circumstances:

The Sociedad Mixta de Turismo (Joint Tourist Board) shall not be liable for any possible damages that may derive from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone malfunction or disconnections in the operating functions of the chosen system (telephone network, Internet, etc.), due to causes not attributable to the Network; from delays or crashes in the use of the chosen system caused by telephone line deficiencies or overloading, or overloading in the server, in the Internet system or other electronic systems, as well as from damages that may be caused by third parties through unlawful intromissions in the chosen system. In like manner, the Sociedad Mixta de Turismo (Joint Tourist Board) does not assume any responsibility or liability for any harm or damage the Client may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided on this site, providing it origintes from outside sources.

B.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. uses cookies which will remain stored on your computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends yours, but that do not provide us with information about your name or any of your personal details. The cookies that we use cannot read your computer data or read cookies that exist on your computer. When the user is browsing through the Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. web pages, the server where the site is hosted automatically recognises the computer IP address, the day and time the visit begins and ends, as well as information regarding the different sections consulted. The server must know this information in order to communicate and send you what you requested and, via the browser, make it appear on the screen.

If you so desire, you may configure your browser so that it notifies you on-screen if you are going to receive a cookie. Users may configure their computer so as not to receive these cookies; in so doing you will still be able to access the information on the website.

C.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. may modify, without previous notification, the information contained on its website, as well as its configuration and presentation.

D.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. agrees NOT TO CARRY FALSE ADVERTISING via this medium.

To this effect, therefore, formal or numeric errors that may be found throughout the contents of the different sections of the Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. website, produced as a result of incomplete or defective maintenance and/or up-dating of the information contained in these sections, shall not be considered false advertising. Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A., by reason of the provisions in this section, agrees to correct said errors as soon as they are brought to our attention.

E.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. agrees NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL MESSAGES WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, in accordance with the provisions of Spanish Law 34/2002 regarding Services offered by the Information Society and Electronic Trade.

To this effect, all information sent to Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. CliENTS shall not be considered commercial messages, as long as its purpose is to maintain the existing contractual relation between the client and Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. or to perform informative or training tasks and other activities characteristic of the service which the client has contracted with the company.

F.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. assumes no liability for the users failure to observe any applicable regulation when accessing the website and/or when using the information contained therein.

G.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. shall not be responsible or liable for any damages, regardless of their nature, caused, or that may be caused, by the use of the information, the subject matters contained on this website and the programmes incorporated thereon. links and hypertexts which allow the user to access contributions and services offered by third parties via the website are neither the property of nor under the control of Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A.; said entity shall not be held liable for the information contained in these links and hypertexts or for any effects whatsoever that might result from said information.

H.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. shall not be held liable for the illegitimate use that third parties may make of brand names, product names and trade names that, while not being the property of said entity, appear on the website. Neither is it liable for the integrity, veracity and legality of the contents of links to sites that may be accessed from

I.- Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, S.A. shall not be held liable for viruses, originating in a telematic transmission, infiltrated by third parties (for example, word processor macros, Java applets and Active X programmes), generated with the purpose of causing a computer system to obtain negative results.

J.- In short, the User has sole responsibility and liability for the use made of the services, contents, links and hypertext included on the website.

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