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Hubs Away!

Asturias is finally to be linked by air with London’s major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. These two international “hubs” allow…


Savour each season in Gijón

Like all traditional cuisine, Gijón’s rich (and tasty) culinary offerings follow the seasons. Although flagship dishes such as fabada or…



Did you know that Gijón has some thirty watermills? And that four of them are still working? We invite to…


Asturian typical recipe

Do you know how to make good fabes bean and clam stew? Surprise your guests with one of the star…


A Roman tour of Gijón

Do you like discovering places with history? Do you imagine life in cities hundreds of years ago? Then you must…


Cool Gijón

Over the last year or so, Gijón has experienced a slow, but sure evolution in terms of cultural and gastronomic…

Business Tourism. Laboral City of Culture. Gijón

Gijón Business Tourism… Olé!

As a venue for business tourism, whether this should take the form of professional conventions, academic congresses, incentives trips or…

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