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Cartel Carrera Popular Nochebuena

Healthy Happy Christmas!

For those who prefer to burn off those extra calories (before or after all that hearty eating that is the…


Surf’s up!

Gijón is a great spot for anyone wishing to take up this “cool” sport. Whether you fancy trying traditional surfing…


Nocturnal activities in Gijón

The heading is promising, isn’t it? Although many of you are probably thinking of nocturnal partying of various kinds (which…



Ring a bell? For those who have never heard of it, TBM stands for Travel Bloggers Meeting, i.e. an informal…


To Gijón in your campervan!

Since last January, the Port of El Musel, Gijón, has extended its sea motorway links to include the ports of…


Surf and Ski

Surf the winter waves and carve the powdered pistes… with Gijón as your base camp. With a growing community of…

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