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Xixón “tips” (III): About the climate and the beach

It does not rain all the time; and when it does, we do not stay at home.

Nonetheless, we always keep an eye on the weather apps.

Don’t be fooled by the orbayu (drizzle). It doesn’t seem to get you wet, but it does.

The weather is very changeable. There are days in summer when we go out with our bathing costume, umbrella and a cardigan, in case the day turns cooler.

The weather also varies a lot depending on the location, from the mountains to the coast. You have to check whether the weather is better to the east or the west when choosing what beach to visit or where to go on your day out.

We are very optimistic. In summer, we always go to the beach, even on cloudy days. We always hope it will clear up.

gijon playas san lorenzo bruma machbel 300x199 Xixón “tips” (III): About the climate and the beach

In Xixón, the climate is tempered by the sea. It doesn’t snow, or get very cold or very hot. Remember that the weather forecast broadcast by the national media is for all Asturias. If the forecast is cold, it’s for Oviedo/Uviéu!

We don’t put up with changes in temperature very well, though: below 20 degrees, we complain of the cold, while above 21 degrees, we start sweating like it was a heat wave.

Where the weather is always good is on the slope overlooking the marina known as Cuesta’l Cholo. It has its own microclimate.

The Cantabrian Sea, as this part of the Bay of Biscay is known, is not a swimming pool with waves. Pay attention to the flags and only bathe in the designated areas.

The tide rises and falls. And yes, the sand appears and disappears approximately every six hours. Plan where to put your towel, especially on open beaches like San Lorenzo.

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