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Getaways in stone.


Gijón/Xixón is a city with over two thousand years of history and a tradition of archaeological excavations dating back to the early 20th century, although the remains were not researched professionally and systematically until the 1980s. All this material and subsequent studies, findings and research become an attraction every summer at three of our major archaeological sites: the Campa Torres Archaeological Park, the Roman Villa of Veranes and the Campo Valdés Roman Baths. Each of these sites is of great value in itself, but much more can be got from them with the launching of a series of activities summed up in an offering called Archaeological Summer 2016, allowing participants to obtain entertaining, in-depth knowledge of this heritage dating from the city’s most ancestral memory.Campa Torres 300x199 Getaways in stone.

Termas 300x220 Getaways in stone.

Campo Valdés Romnan Baths

An extensive program of activities has been organized at each of the sites from 17th June to 11th September. Exhibitions, talks and historical re-enactments of ancient times will delight visitors.

What’s more, the DOMVS exhibition is also open in Campa de Torres Archaeology Park until January 2017. The exhibition comprises a Roman house situated in the Chao Samartín hillfort, showing a domus that was built during the first decades of the 1st century AD within the walled enclosure as a residence for a prominent personage forming part of the imperial administration.

Not to mention the experience of getting on the “archaeobus,”a means of transport that allows you to discover Gijón/Xixón’s archaeological remains in a special way. The bus is available to visitors from mid-July. In August, you can discover the links between present-day plants and the past at Herbarium, an activity to be held at the Roman Villa of Veranes.

The list is very long and we have outlined just a part of a fascinating programme of activities brimming with memories and imagination. Why not sign up and make a getaway to Gijón/Xixón to hear the tale its stones have to tell. They are still alive!

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