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Stroll and learn


There is a Gijón made of stone that speaks. You need only listen and let yourself be swept away by its charms. For, despite the manifest destruction and urban irresponsibility of the last century, Gijón/Xixón is one of the cities that still preserve exceptional buildings dating from the Modernist period. The examples of this architectural style in Gijón, Modernist Gijón, are mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the following streets: Corrida, Jovellanos, Munuza, Cabrales, Institute, Moros, Trinidad and San Bernardo. SMT 3329 1 238x300 Stroll and learn

These buildings allow you to take an interesting and attractive tour of Gijón Modernism, one of the most representative aspects of which is the feminine character of the ornamentation. As far as decorative details are concerned, female heads with long, elaborately coiffed tresses, sinuous, wavy lines, floral motifs, plant stems, whimsical drawings and the like proliferate. The penchant for all that is lithe, graceful and refined. A repertoire of motifs linked with naturalism and the taste for flowing curves characteristic of Modernist design. All these forms are found deployed along cornices, balustrades, arches, railings, doors and windows.SMT 3320 1 238x300 Stroll and learnSMT 3328 1 293x300 Stroll and learn

All this defines an art that still abounds in Gijón’s street plan, an art that was put into practice by professionals such as Mariano Marín , Carlos Bertrand, Joan Rubio Bellver, Avelino Diaz-Omana, Miguel García de la Cruz, Manuel del Busto and his son Juan Manuel.

Strolling around the centre of Gijón armed with patience, curiosity and a camera can be a pleasant discovery not only for visitors, but also for local residents, who are perhaps too used to walking among illustrious stones they barely afford any importance to.

Next time, though, give it a try… and listen, as there are buildings that speak which have lovely stories to tell.

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