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Spring is in the air and your body yearns to stretch its limbs once more. You want to be up and about, feel the sun and breeze in your face, loosen up your muscles and put on those brand new trainers for the first time. And although there is always the risk of a solitary downpour or two in the month of “April showers”, Gijón/Xixón deserves to be traversed from one end to the other, following the greenways provided by many public spaces that have been created or adapted in recent years so we can all enjoy the charm of greenery, of that colour that is so familiar to and so much a part of this town.DSCN0149 300x225 Greenways

The overall quality of life in Gijón/Xixón and its attractions have been improved for both those who live here and those who are simply passing through. One of the most appreciated factors in this respect has been the change in urban planning criteria, which now include areas for pedestrians and cyclists, two of the most overlooked figures of the century in which the car ruled the city.

That is why pedestrian routes, footpaths and bike lanes have abounded in the city in recent years and are used by thousands of people to get their daily ration of air.gijon sendas piles parque fluvial ivan fdez 300x200 Greenways

Just five minutes from the heart of the city, the countryside of the Borough of Gijón appears in all its splendour. The proximity of Gijón’s rural parishes and the municipality’s excellent network of roads, lanes and pathways allows you to choose a series of routes to enjoy by car or bike or on foot and thus get to know Gijón/Xixón’s carbayeras (oak groves), scenic balconies and its amazing Atlantic Botanic Gardens. Spending an entire day walking and enjoying local paths, woods, rivers or historical monuments from sunrise to sunset means carrying a well-provisioned backpack so as to take a break, picnic and rest for whatever time takes your fancy in the different recreational areas dotted all over our rural parishes.2013 Tragamón nuevas Ramon Collado 199x300 Greenways

For those not so fond of rambling, the city also offers extensive, well-kept green spaces and spots for all ages and sizes to choose from. From immense Pericones Park to the secluded parks to be found in any of the city’s districts, not to forget venerable Isabella the Catholic Park, Gijón/Xixón’s urban green spaces offer viewpoints as diverse as Cape San Lorenzo Park, Lauredal Park and Paseo de Begoña promenade. And although Gijón/Xixón is a seaside town, the borough is not lacking in rivers and reservoirs, which likewise offer peace and quiet to the passer-by. These have paths and routes running parallel to them along almost their entire length from source to end.

And this is only part of the many ways in which you can discover beautiful, amazing natural spaces in Gijón/Xixón. Try any of the options suggested here… or seek out your own! You won’t regret it.


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