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Hubs Away!

Asturias is finally to be linked by air with London’s major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. These two international “hubs” allow passengers to link up with dozens of international destinations covered by Iberia’s partner airline British Airways. Asturias is also to benefit from a low cost link with Madrid 4 days a week via Iberia Express.
This major advance in international flight options is the result of an agreement between the Regional Government of Asturias and a joint venture led by Iberia. The regional government also hopes to boost the existing route with London Stanstead Airport, currently operated by Easyjet, when the new tender to cover this route is made public in the near future.
Iberia Express flights to and from Heathrow Terminal 5 will start operating on 24th April, with connections every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. A return ticket will initially cost 49 euros each way, with flights departing from Asturias at 18:20 and from London at 20:23. Asturias is to be linked to Gatwick Airport by Vueling Airlines from 4th May on, with flights every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with prices still to be announced.

A320 Iberia Express EC JSK 03 300x200 Hubs Away!

The route to Madrid will be covered by Iberia Express, starting 24th April, with four connections a week. Tickets will cost between 28 and 99 euros each way when buying a return ticket. Flights will leave from Asturias Airport at 11:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays, with two flights scheduled for Fridays, departing at 11:00 and 14:45. Flights from Madrid to Asturias will leave at 14:00 every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Apart from these flights, the “mother” airline, Iberia, will be maintaining its 5 scheduled flights per day between the Principality and the capital of Spain.

So it finally looks as if it’s not just “chocks away”, but also “hubs away” for Asturias and all those who wish to fly to and from this green and pleasant land!

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