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Via de la Plata Route Day in Gijón

SMT 1101 1 221x300 Via de la Plata Route Day in GijónWith the aim of spotlighting one of Europe’s most important cultural itineraries Via de la Plata Route Day was held on the Iberian peninsula on 18th September coinciding with the anniversary of the Roman emperor Trajan (AD 53). This event kicked off a month full of activities in the towns and cities along the route.

Created in 2014, this initiative aims to “spotlight one of the most interesting historical ensembles of Spain’s heritage; and foster and promote travel along the route as a multiregional and multi-local tourism product”. So the municipalities belonging to this association have got together to show to the public at large the legacy the Romans left them in their streets and thus “enhance and complete knowledge about the municipalities along the entire course of this attractive route”.

Asturias counts among the eight provinces through which this route runs and Gijón forms an integral part of this cultural itinerary, with which it shares its Roman past.

If you’d like to know more about the Via de la Plata Route on its way through Gijón, you’ll have the chance to do so on 10th October next at 10:00am.  The tour will last 4 hours, starting out at the Roman Baths in Campo Valdés to then head by bus to

SMT 331 11 300x220 Via de la Plata Route Day in Gijón

Cenero, where the tour will continue on foot to the Roman Villa of Veranes.

Those interested in signing up for the tour need only make a reservation between 5th and 9th October at Infogijón (985 341 771) until all available places are filled. What’s more, a fantastic Roman meal will be raffled among the participants to relish the cuisine of our ancestors.

So get your most comfortable footwear ready… and enjoy Gijon at its most Roman!

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