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Divertia Gijon joins the “1 million commitments for the climate” project

As the organization responsible for managing tourism in the city of Gijón/Xixón, Divertia Gijon is committed to meeting the responsibilities assumed within the “1 Million Commitments for the Climate” project. This pledge includes actions within the context of the Biosphere World Urban Destination certificate the city boasts, which distinguishes it as a sustainable tourist destination.

In this respect, Divertia Gijón pledges to:

  • environmental protection 683437 12801 300x168  Divertia Gijon joins the 1 million commitments for the climate projectEstablish eco-design systems to minimize the use of resources and to optimize recycling
  • Offset the carbon footprint of the organization, its products and events
  • Minimize the use of raw materials and products
  • Consume products and raw materials obtained from recycled materials
  • Implement a water saving system in its work centres
  • Establish energy saving systems
  •  Establish selective waste collection systems
  • Establish a lighting protocol, in accordance with hours of sunshine and usage
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Promote the use of both public and alternative forms of transport on trips carried out by its staff
  • Encourage car sharing
  • Work with local suppliers


About the “1 Million Commitments for the Climate” project

The project ( comprises all those persons and organizations who pledge to take action against climate change. The aim is for the community to grow progressively through the affiliation of thousands and thousands of social, economic and institutional actors to finally bring together 1 million commitments for the climate.

Although Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment launched this initiative, the goal is for the project to belong to all those people and organizations that take action to curb climatic change. The aim is to generate a viral effect and for each organization and each person, besides making their own specific commitment, to pledge to spread the “virus” of the action against climate change to others. Only through this “wave” of actions can climate change be curbed.

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