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All The Grandiosity of Gijón on The El Molinón Tour.

The proclivity of the people of Gijón of putting augmentatives on everything is widely known (typically, -o becomes -ón and -a becomes -ona). It’s one of our “very own” penchants to rename things, making their name “grander”. The thing is that we in Gijón usually say “we are very grand”.


We do not have steps (escalera) leading down to San Lorenzo Beach; we have “big steps” (escalerona). Gijón Aquarium is known by locals as the “pecerona” or “big fish tank”. We don’t have a sidewalk or acera, but a grand sidewalk or “acerona”. There is also a big church or “iglesiona”, and even a sculpture known as the “grand letters” or “letronas”.


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Within this popular trend, we cannot fail to mention a symbol of our city as “grand” as… El Molinón (named after the old molino or watermill located nearby).


Spain’s oldest football stadium is one of our signs of identity. Gijon cannot be understood without its very own Real Sporting football club, or, of course, without its Molinón.


For that reason and besides the fact that it is “so very ours”, amassing so many histories and anecdotes, the El Molinón Tour has been created, a guided visit revealing the details and anecdotes of one of the longest-standing clubs in “La Liga”. The tour also provides the chance to discover the emotional bonds linking El Molinón with Gijón and, of course, with Asturias.

A memorable visit, but not just for football fans. All who visit our city can enjoy this tour of both the most emblematic and least known parts of El Molinón: the changing rooms, the tunnel leading onto the field, the pitch, the press room, the bowels of the stadium… and much more.


And to top it all, the tour ends with a visit to the Real Sporting de Gijón Museum, a stroll through the history of the club and its major legend and figures, via unpublished images, audio-visuals and representative objects of each stage. But, above all, of anecdotes and curiosities.


Come and discover El Molinón, the emblem of the city of Gijón

Admission: €9.80; reduced admission: €7.40; club members: €5.30.

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