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Xixón Sound Bites

Gijón caters to all musical tastes, from classical through to roots music, not to forget traditional Asturian music. It also boasts a wide range of venues to hear live music. Besides traditional settings such as the Jovellanos Theatre (spanish) and the Laboral City of Culture (spanish) Auditorium, where major orchestras and bands play on a regular basis, the municipal centres dotted all over the city regularly programme concerts and recitals, especially the Antiguo Instituto, right in the town centre. The stages of the Sala Albeniz and Sala Acapulco (spanish) music clubs often the setting for gigs by major Spanish and foreign bands.

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Jovellanos Theatre

The city’s museums are not averse to promoting music either. The Atlantic Botanic Gardens offer a season of roots music in the summer, while the Evaristo Valle Museum (spanish) is the setting for a season of Christmas concerts. Both museums host other recitals and concerts throughout the year.


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Sala Acapulco

There are also a growing number of bars where you can enjoy live music. The legendary Savoy Drinks and Music continues to lead the way, though it is nowadays accompanied by quite a few more including La Vida Alegre, El Patio de la Favorita (spanish), Bola 8 and Café Alambique, to name but a few. Not just rock and indie music sounds in these venues. Fans of traditional as well as contemporary Asturian music, with its deep Celtic roots, can also get to see bands like Felpeyu, Llan de Cubel, Tuenda, Alienda, Mapi Quintana, DRD, Vrienden at one or other of these venues.

So get your party shoes on and hit the road for a taste of Xixón Sound Bites!



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