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Did you know that Gijón has some thirty watermills? And that four of them are still working? We invite to you to visit these unique structures, which form part of our very essence.




Watermill in Gijón’s Atlantic Botanic Gardens

Gijón is a city with history, which can be perceived in many spots. While our countryside contains both forms and lives, it also boasts various ways of using, looking, conserving and remembering. Mills, those machines used for grinding grain and driven by the force of water, been have linked to our farming culture, our way of life, both for different activities and for basic foodstuffs in the form of spelt wheat, rye and maize –fundamental parts of our diet–.



Gijón’s mills were also places for life in common, for social relations and celebrations. In his book Water Mills in the Borough of Gijón (spanish), José Luis Pérez takes us on a trip down the memory lanes of our surrounding countryside. Such memories help us build our identity and allow us to place the spotlight on a heritage to be preserved.




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Rionda Mill, in Cabueñes (photo by Arnaud Späni)

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Inside the mill on Cuesta La Piedra Hill, in Granda











The passage of time, the changes in lifestyles, our eating and drinking habits and industrialization constitute a few of the reasons that led to this activity’s decline. Even so, part of what we once were can still be seen on our streets and in our rural parishes.  What’s keeping you from coming to discover them?   






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