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Vampire city Gijón

casa natal jovellanos 300x300 Vampire city GijónThere are signs in Gijón that portend to vampires having inhabited our city. Yes, it’s true! You heard right! VAMPIRES!!! Maybe Dracula once dwelt in Gijón? Giving free rein to your imagination, return to the end of the 1700s to encounter a murky, industrial Gijón, ships loaded with citizens willing to fulfil their dream of a better life in our city and, travelling among them, a group of vampires who settled in Gijón and made our city “their city”. It could be a story worthy of Oscar, don’t you think?

Back in the Gijón of the 21st century, there are no vampires, no Dracula or anything of the sort to be found here, but rather an original work by José María Navascués which the Jovellanos Birthplace Museum has added to its permanent collection. The question that remains is whether the artist actually knew what these “vampires-killing kits” were used for! In the following pictures you can see other similar kits.

Captura de pantalla 2015 01 08 a las 14.57.26 300x232 Vampire city Gijón kit cazavampiros 300x210 Vampire city Gijón

caja matar vampiros 1 300x240 Vampire city Gijón caja matar vampiros 31 300x281 Vampire city Gijón

Vampire fans now have a must visit in Gijón. And who knows? They may come across a vampire or two!

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