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Gijón, music wherever you go!

They say Gijón has that certain something; a charm that grabs you and makes you want to return to wander through its streets once again. The city has reinvented itself with the aim of offering a different and special Gijón to every visitor, providing a potent offering in leisure and entertainment activities in which music plays a major leading role.

In recent years, Gijón has become a clear leader on the national music scene, not only in terms of large concerts and music festivals, but also for the music that envelops small corners of the city, trapping you with tones and rhythms for all tastes. Underlying much of the city’s musical success are precisely the everyday events that take place on a small scale in bars or other establishments with an almost family atmosphere, where artists belonging to all kinds of trends and backgrounds ply their trade.

As Gijón has managed to position itself on this circuit, visitors must keep an eye out not to miss these daily “chef’s specials”. The thing is that, beyond the officially established programme of events, it is in these small establishments which you can stroll into to have a few beers or a coffee where natural synergies and opportunity set the stage for a rich music scene that is really buzzing.

A good example of this can be found in the vicinity of Buen Suceso Street, where at sundown you can breathe a laid-back atmosphere in which local artists and live performances abound; where anyone can join in a jam session with no other restriction than their own limitations as a performer. The must-visit establishments here are La Vida Alegre and La Caja de Músicos.

Lovers of folk music and literature will find their scene at Café Trisquel and Café Gijón, near the harbour, where there are currently other establishments as well, such as the Indian Café, Bambara and Buddha, making for a variety of atmospheres.

Also, the old quarter of Cimavilla continues to act as the stage for much of the city’s musical spirit. Specifically, live performances are held in musical pubs like Bola Ocho, TNT and La Folixa in an atmosphere oriented towards indie and alternative rock.

You can also take a stroll and have a drink, even during the day, at other regular live music haunts, such as El Patio de la Favorita, Café Dam, Varsovia and Stereo Club. A new scene has recently emerged around Marqués de Casa Valdés Street, including establishments such as Toma 3, La Revoltosa and Café Defabula, which provide alternative cultural offerings.

Any musical journey around Gijón’s bars could not fail to make a special mention of the Savoy Club, a legendary must-visit for lovers of rock’n’roll and music in general, while jazz fans should not miss out on a visit to Café Alambique.

This music circuit offers a wide-ranging and varied programme for all budgets every week. These bars and pubs offering live music are also complemented by larger clubs, such as Sala Acapulco and Sala Albéniz.

Gijón sounds, OK!

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