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Green Grow the Greenways, Ho!

Senda Cervigón 300x200 Green Grow the Greenways, Ho!Besides its beaches, one of the features that make Gijón such a pleasant city to live in or visit is the ease with which you can get out into the surrounding countryside. Unlike other cities where you need to take the car or public transport to enjoy the country, Gijón boasts a network of hiking paths and greenways that run along the coast or take you into the rural parishes of the borough in a very short time. Whether on foot or by bike, you can enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet and beauty of the city’s surroundings following well-signposted –and well-trodden– trails suitable for all comers and all ages.

The three main greenways are:

- The Coastal Path between El Rinconín and La Ñora Beach
- La Ñora Stream Pathway starting inland at La Llorea Golf Course and likewise ending at La Ñora Beach
- La Camocha Greenway, a reconverted railway line linking the outskirts of Gijón with La Camocha Mine

sendafluvial5 300x199 Green Grow the Greenways, Ho!The first two a better suited to walking, due to the ups and downs of the coast and cliffs, while the second is ideal for hikers and well as cyclists. Other routes and trails can also be found here on the Gijón Tourism website for outdoor enthusiasts and country lovers visiting the city.


So, the next time you visit Gijón, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots (or bike!).

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