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A Roman tour of Gijón

Do you like discovering places with history? Do you imagine life in cities hundreds of years ago? Then you must come to Gijón.

The unearthing of a new Roman site in the city has inspired us to tell you the secrets of Gijón’s ancient history. The fact of the matter is that, between 14th and 17th November, the Tobacco Factory dig in Cimadevilla has featured at a congress held in Rome, where specialists from around the world considered it “exceptional” for its richness in terms of the organic remains found there.

To discover this seaside town’s more remote history, we propose a historical tour for you to include Gijón among your future getaways as soon as possible.

MUSEOS ARQUEOLÓGICOS 1 300x187 A Roman tour of GijónCampa Torres Archaeological-Nature Park is situated just 7 km from the city centre. You can visit the museum there and follow a trail to discover the remains of ancient defences, buildings and wells in this pre-Roman site. It is curious to see the coexistence of Astures and Romans on this site and the differences in the way they built their homes. The former built round houses, while those of the latter were rectangular.

Captura de pantalla 2014 11 25 a las 13.57.52 300x298 A Roman tour of GijónThe old quarter of Cimavilla can constitute the next stage on the tour. There, you will discover the remains of an ancient Roman city wall and be able to access other places of interest such as the main gate and the clock tower, in addition to the Roman Baths Museum in Campo Valdés, located on the original site, considered one of the most important in the northern Iberian Peninsula


VERANES 300x199 A Roman tour of Gijón


To end the tour, head south to discover the Roman Villa of Veranes, located on the Via de la Plata Route on its way through Gijón. It is nestled halfway up a hillside, about 150 metres above sea level, where visitors can appreciate its mosaics and the daily life of its inhabitants.

To discover more about the city’s archaeological museums, visit the Gijón Museums website or follow the activities on Facebook. For accommodation, promotions and general information about the city, visit

Travellers… Gijón salutes to you!

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