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A night-time stroll around Gijón

I love my home town! Its streets, squares, buildings and museums… I love to go walking and contemplate the city’s colours, lights and shapes.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I visit a place I have never been to before I usually take the typical day-long tour of the old quarter, museums and all the sights we usually see. The truth is that it has rarely occurred to me to take a stroll at night to see the other light that the city gives off. In other places no; but in Gijón I often do so.

The aim of this post is to take a moonlight stroll –virtually speaking– around our city, Gijón. Being attentive is a treat for the eyes, to admire what we normally see in full sunlight, but with the peace and quiet of the night, when there is less ambient noise.

Although the spots that I will be showing you are typical must-visits, I want you to please bear in mind the ambience I previously mentioned… the dark of night, peace and quiet, hardly any ambient noise and a pleasant temperature to take a stroll.

In many parts of this walk, you’ll need to sense the fresh air of the calm sea and the sound of gentle waves.

Fancy coming along?

Let’s start our tour in the harbour area, specifically on the quay known as Fomentín Wharf.

foto1 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

The darkness of the night hides what by day prevents us from clearly seeing what stands on the other side of the harbour, namely the stately Revillagigedo Palace, reflected in the water, as well as the monument dedicated to natural cider raised a few years ago now.

Further on at the end of this walk that separates the docks, the Old Wholesale Fish Market awaits us.

foto2 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

Retracing our steps and moving away from this point, we find an icon for all who visits the city, the Gijón Sculpture, photographed as much by day as by night, as both a publicity sign and the typical photo among friends.

foto3 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

We now find ourselves in the “Queen’s Gardens”, ready to continue enjoying our evening stroll around Gijón.

If before we saw Revillagigedo Palace from the distance, we now want to appreciate it close up, without forgetting another must-visit and meeting point, the Statue of King Pelayo.

foto4 1024x711 A night time stroll around Gijón

foto5 682x1024 A night time stroll around Gijón


And so, letting ourselves be carried away little by little by the scent of cider, we head into the old quarter. The Town Square and its graceful Town Hall await us.

foto6 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

During the stroll, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that everyone who visits us should take a tour like this one, at night.

We “escape” from the square passing alongside this magnificent building to see another truly imposing building, the Church of San Pedro.

foto7 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

Not only does it shine with its own light, even the streetlights form stars that illuminate it.

We return to the seafront, this time along San Lorenzo Promenade, so often transited during the day and which at night also provides the opportunity for plenty of people to practise their favourite kind of sport.

Not only the beach calls our attention, but also the buildings overlooking it.

These include the Old Municipal Fish Market, which nowadays houses the citizen advice office and diverse municipal services.

foto8 1024x767 A night time stroll around Gijón

We then come to my weak point, San Lorenzo Primary School, not only for its architecture, but also for all it means to me. It is the school where I studied and grew up and I have such fond memories of all the years I spent there and the people around me during that time. Of course, I could not leave it out!

foto9 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

And after recalling those former times, we continue our tour. The truth is I like what I see and experience in this city more and more every day. As I walk I get more nostalgic, I truly love Gijón.

I make a stopover at the main steps down to the beach, the Escalerona, which is waiting for us waving the city flag.

foto10 682x1024 A night time stroll around Gijón

Looking back on the way we have come offers us another view of the church.

foto11 1024x682 A night time stroll around Gijón

The sea is a veritable palette of different hues, a calm sea that accompanies throughout our stroll, and it seems that the stars are still there.

A refill of fresh air in the lungs before heading inland on our way home.

Before continuing our stroll through the city’s streets, we stop off to contemplate the Church of San José.

foto12 682x1024 A night time stroll around Gijón

The night-time stroll comes to an end, contributing energy and fresh air to finish the day along with the sensation of having to repeat the experience as often as possible. Every day you can see something different; something that will surprise you.

A final stroll along Begoña Promenade on our way home. See you tomorrow!

foto13 1024x708 A night time stroll around Gijón

My thanks to David Iglesias (@davidigsu) for his amazing photographs and the great fun we had taking them. Thank you!

Pamela López


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  1. Publicado el November 13, 2014 a las 12:22 pm | Enlace a este comentario

    Gijon sounds absolutely fantastic!

    Really like the architecture through your photos and the Town Hall looks like a delight!

    I hope to visit Gijon some day next year :)

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