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Cool Gijón

Over the last year or so, Gijón has experienced a slow, but sure evolution in terms of cultural and gastronomic trends. Cool café libraries, art galleries and fusion restaurants have sprung up, converting a part of the city centre and especially the district near the beach, La Arena, into a kind of Asturian Soho (not quite on a par yet with the famous “cool” neighbourhoods in New York and London, but who knows what time will bring!).

cafés librerías 300x200 Cool GijónCafé libraries like Toma 3, Defabula and La Revoltosa offer customers a relaxed atmosphere to meet, chat, read or buy books, DVDs or related products while enjoying a drink or “refreshing cup of café con leche” (sofas and soya milk included, at last!). Not to mention the different cultural activities they organize.

Mediadvanced21 300x225 Cool GijónArt galleries like Mediadvanced, Viki-Blanco-El arte de lo Imposible and Espacio Líquido, to name but a few, show new artists and trends in addition to incorporating the new technologies in their offer. Definitely a fresh breath of air to more traditional, stuffy galleries selling by the square metres.


Finally, the local palate has opened to flavours from far-off lands! Lovers of fusion food can now enjoy sushi on the premises or take-away at GO Sushi and El Sirenito. The former also offer courses for those wishing to learn how to manage the sushi mat and sticky rice. However, mention apart must be made of Koldo Miranda’s new joint adventure with Colombian chef César Becerra in Kausa Taberna Nikkei. Although the premises are a little too “intimate” for some tastes, the combination of flavours on offer is amazing, with pairings of flavours and textures difficult to find anywhere else.

So get supping, get reading, take in an exhibition or two and hone up on your chopstick technique.

Enjoy cool Gijón!

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