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Mount Deva Observatory. Discovering our universe

Oberservatorio Montedeva1 300x268 Mount Deva Observatory. Discovering our universeMount Deva is a nature area situated at an elevation of 400 metres between the parishes of Deva, Caldones and Santurio, where you can find many spots offering spectacular views of Gijón.

Of the many options that Mount Deva offers (sports activities, recreational areas with children’s playgrounds, a walk through an archaeological site containing burial mounds, nature interpretation centre, etc.), let’s focus today on Mount Deva Astronomical Observatory.

Observatorio Montedeva2 300x227 Mount Deva Observatory. Discovering our universeThe Astronomical Observatory is a facility operated by the Omega Asturian Astronomical Society from which you can observe the sky in general, paying attention to relevant current phenomena (opposition of a planet, passing of a comet, eclipse of the sun or moon, etc.).

A public observation is organized every Friday starting 11:30pm if the sky is clear and there is a full moon. Anyone may head up to the observatory and join the group to share in the observation and corresponding explanation. It is advisable, however, to contact the association beforehand to ensure that the observatory is open.

There is also the possibility of arranged visits, although these are preferably carried out at night, as during the day you can only visit the observatory and see recorded images.

It becomes a must visit for astronomy enthusiasts during the months of July and August, as Mount Deva is a great place to enjoy the Perseids meteor shower, better known as the “tears of St Lawrence”, with activities being organized in both the Interpretation Centre and the Observatory itself.

If you want to find out more about the Observatory or if you are interested in getting in touch to arrange a visit, below you will find a series of links and information of interest:

Mount Deva Observatory website:

Omega Association website:

Contact telephones:  Omega (985 096 630), Friday from 8pm to 10pm) or Santiago Gándara, director of the Observatory (636 486 342)

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