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Laboral City of Culture. A must visit in Gijón

Laboral City of Culture. A must visit in Gijón

  LaboralCiudadDeLaCultura3 Laboral City of Culture. A must visit in Gijón

If you intend to visit Gijón, grab pen and paper, because today we want to talk about one of the city’s iconic “places” which has become a must visit included in all the guide books: Laboral City of Culture. A cultural and tourist centre that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Want to know what you will find on your visit? Its 270,000 square metres goes a long way (it is the largest monumental building in Spain in extension). So let’s take each part one at a time.

As you enter the complex, boasting more than 55,000 square metres of façades, you will find a large open central square which has similar dimensions to St Mark’s Square in Venice.

You will also see a tower, inspired by the Giralda in Seville and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which also breaks records as it rises up 130 metres in height. It is also the tallest stone building  in Spain. As you can imagine, the views over all of Gijón are amazing.

You will also find the of the world’s largest elliptical church (now deconsecrated): 807 square metres covered by a 25-metre-high dome weighing 2,300 tons which covers a spectacular marble floor.

Galeria18 300x168 Laboral City of Culture. A must visit in Gijón

The next stop is the Theatre, which, with similar dimensions to the Parthenon in Athens, seats nearly 1,800 people. A cutting-edge auditorium in Europe in terms of its climate control system, it is especially recognized for its extraordinary acoustic envelope. Renowned musicals such as Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables are some of the latest shows it has hosted.

This architectural complex has been converted into a cultural space where, besides enjoying the magnificence of the set of buildings in itself, you can enjoy a varied programme that encompasses theatre, dance, musicals, concerts, children’s workshops, events and conferences… and more.

You can find all the information you’ll need to plan your visit in great detail on the website.



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