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“La Mayanza” – Cider Milling in Gijón

mayanza 223x300 “La Mayanza” – Cider Milling in GijónTo “really” get to know Asturias implies to delving (at least a tiny bit) into the cider culture the locals feel so proud of and which they love to convey to visitors. So… shall we start delving?

Apples begin to reach their optimum state of ripeness at this time of year and gradually start falling from the trees to colour the apple orchards (pumaradas) with green, red and yellow hues. Then comes the time to harvest the fallen apples, which are sorted and then “scratted” (ground down) into a what is called a pomace (or pulp) before being pressed. This milling process is known in Asturias as “la mayanza”. The result of this milling is a delicious product called “sweet cider” (“sidra dulce”) which will later be stored in vats or tanks for the fermentation process to continue.

If you want to find out more about the process of cider making and become lay experts, we recommend you visit the Trabanco Cider Company website, which provides an explanation of how they make their cider. If you prefer to move from theory to practice, the best thing is to plan a short “site visit” to Gijón as soon as possible to visit one or other of our most renowned cider mills and learn about this authentic ritual, which has been passed down from generation to generation so as to preserve the artisanal character of authentic cider that guarantees both the best quality and taste.

Fancy a “culin”, i.e. a hearty sup of cider freshly poured from a height into a broad-necked glass? Visit the Cider Trail and pencil in your visit to Gijón in your diary. We look forward to seeing you!

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