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Ave Caesar!

Augusto Ave Caesar!In 2014, Gijón is to celebrate the two thousandth anniversary of the death of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, who personally oversaw the conquest of Northern Spain.

The city’s archaeological museums will commemorate the date via a week of varied activities that will include talks, tastings, street entertainers, theatre, historical recreations, exhibitions, workshops and guided tours.

From 18th to 24th August, Gijón will relive the life and times of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, aka Augustus, the highlight of the week being historical recreations including parades of gladiators and legionaries through the streets, gladiator fights and battle tactics from the Astur Wars.

Jointly organised with the Roman Villa of La Olmeda, Palencia, the exhibition entitled “Daily life in a Late Roman villa” will display a variety of objects, including coins, religious objects, household utensils and writing implements and those employed in free time activities.

For lovers of novel (though ancient) culinary pleasures, there will be tastings of Roman confectionaries in the city’s pastry shops and a mock-up of a Roman tavern selling gastronomic products from the time of Augustus. A Roman gustatio comprising a selection of small dishes or appetizers served before a banquet and based on original recipes from Roman times will also be made available for intrepid gourmets.

The younger members of the family can, in turn, take part in a variety of workshops and games where, among other things, they will have the chance to discover Roman recipes and sports, as well as learn about coexistence in a Roman legionaries’ camp.

Full programme of events (in Spanish) here.

Aver Caesar Augustus!

Ave Gijón in August!

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