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Nocturnal activities in Gijón

The heading is promising, isn’t it? Although many of you are probably thinking of nocturnal partying of various kinds (which we also have here!), this time we are talking about 2 different proposals at Gijón’s Botanic Gardens. Although a visit to the Botanic Gardens is 100% recommended at any time of year, during the summer you will find a complete programme of activities designed for all ages and tastes.

If you consider yourself an adventurous soul with a bold spirit, then these activities will delight you!

Let’s talk first about a unique activity in Spain, NOCTURNIA, which allows you to explore the nightlife of the forest and get to know some of the most fascinating birds of prey in the world. This is nothing more and nothing less than a live documentary for all types of audiences that is sure not to leave anyone indifferent.

>Further information (in Spanish)

The other proposal we wish to talk about is called NIGHT ADVENTURE, a family camping trip that includes activities as diverse as stargazing, listening for nocturnal animals, tracking footprints and more!.

>Further information (in Spanish)

Feel like discovering Gijón’s nightlife in the most natural way?

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