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Gijón’s Semana Negra or “Noir Week”

cartel 2014 184x300 Gijón’s Semana Negra or “Noir Week”If you’ve heard of Gijón’s summer scene, you are sure to have heard of its Semana Negra or “Noir Week”. It is a festival, an event, a meeting and more that has managed to get its literary components or elements (which originally gave rise to the event) to coexist in perfect harmony with the fun and festive character it has also acquired over the years to become one of the most important cultural and festive events of its kind at a European level.

It will be held between 4th and 13th July this year –no more and no less its twenty-seventh edition– on the grounds of the former Naval Gijón shipyards. Don’t worry if you don’t know the location, because a giant Ferris wheel will serve as a landmark to guide you there.

Reading, culture and leisure are the 3 hubs around which this meeting spins; a meeting which will bring together more than a hundred authors in an extensive programme of talks, discussions, lectures, presentations and get-togethers existing alongside markets, attractions, bars and restaurants. And of course, as is only natural, you will be able to enjoy the A Quemarropa daily newspaper (doyen of the European noir press), the essential catalogue of the Semana Negra comic and book exhibition.

Although it is published in Spanish, you can discover all the novelties on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, on the event’s website.

Feel like to experiencing the “noirest” week of the year with us?

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