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GIJÓN… Gateway to this green and pleasant land

P1030348 300x225 GIJÓN… Gateway to this green and pleasant landThe largest city in this green and pleasant land called Asturias, Gijón is ideally situated on the southern shore of the Bay of Biscay for visiting this part of Northern Spain, known as the Green Coast. Like the region in its entirety, Gijón offers the authentic, unspoilt version of Spain populated by friendly, zesty folk who want nothing more than to share their scenic, cultural and gastronomic heritage with all comers. Asturias is a veritable natural paradise and Gijón, the ideal gateway to the region. A region that boasts towering peaks, salmon and trout rivers, biosphere reserves, and enchanted forests where brown bears and capercaillie roam, sandy beaches and hidden coves, not to mention World Heritage sites ranging from cave art to Pre-Romanesque architecture.

Nestled around San Lorenzo Bay, Gijón is a vibrant city boasting a wide-ranging cultural and festive offer, fantastic cuisine ­both traditional and avant-garde, with freshly-caught fish and seafood taking pride of place­ and a nightlife scene that is famous nationwide… and even further afield! Accommodation for tourists in the city is great value for money, with something for all budgets, while its sports and leisure amenities are first-class, in addition to the three beaches right in the city itself. Special mention should also be made of the town’s cider culture, with a number of local cider mills offering guided tours for visitors to discover how natural cider is made ­and poured from a height!­ here, often accompanied by tastings or pairings with Asturian cheese, another of the region’s hidden treasures. Gijón is also a staging post for pilgrims on the Northern or Coastal Route of the Way of St James or “Camino de Santiago”.

Getting here from the UK is relatively straightforward. Easyjet offers daily scheduled flights all year long from Stansted Airport to Asturias Airport (code OVD), just a half-hour drive from Gijón. For those who wish to bring their own means of transport so as to be able to roam free, LD Lines operate a ferry linking Nantes/Saint Nazaire, in France, with the Port of Gijón, El Musel. Brittany Ferries also operate a direct ferry from Portsmouth to the Port of Santander, 2 hours drive from Gijón. Besides its well-equipped camping sites, the city also boasts campervan facilities very near the ferry port.

So whether it’s cider, cuisine or countryside, fiesta, fun or outdoor activities, culture heritage or simple relaxation by the sea…

Gijón is the ideal gateway to this green and pleasant land!


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