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To Gijón in your campervan!

c243x204 v1 Vueport3 To Gijón in your campervan!Since last January, the Port of El Musel, Gijón, has extended its sea motorway links to include the ports of Poole (UK) and Rosslare (Ireland).

Everything is that much easier now if you wish to travel in your campervan, as the ferry –adapted to transport passengers as well as goods– allows you to bring your vehicle along. What’s more, once you get to Gijón, the area reserved for campervans is located on the Arbeyal Promenade, right next to the port, which means you don’t have to move far once you disembark. The parking facilities reserved for campers has space for 18 vehicles and provides utilities (water, electricity and waste disposal). You will also find all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Once you’ve settled in, enjoy the city and its surroundings. Gijón has really good road links and is an almost obligatory stop on major travel routes such as the Way of Saint James and the Via de La Plata, making it an ideal destination for easily visiting different parts of Asturias and getting to know the region.

Campervanners … We look forward to seeing you here!

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