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My Gijón, Your Gijón, Our Gijón

Marissa Bordallo english My Gijón, Your Gijón, Our Gijón

Can you hear the waves bursting upon San Pedro’s walls? The sweet symphony of your waters, my beloved Gijón. I smell the perfume of your salty shores, knitted with lovers’ dreams who want to get back to your arms. My Gijón, your Gijón, our Gijón.

Climbing to El Elogio del Horizonte, where I feel how the Cantabric Sea embraces us with its love forevermore. And my favorite corner: la Campa de Torres. Many times have I dreamt to be one the inhabitants of this Celtic settlement, with the Astures, our ancestors. As there are scents of Asturian Celtic soul: music, myths, art, magic…

I cannot count all the moments we shared. You and me, Gijón. We used to follow the brick road from San Pedro to El Rinconín and even further…We even diverted our steps towards Isabel la Católica Park to reach the Molinón Stadium, during football or concert days, or the Pueblu de Asturies Museum.

IMG 20140104 WA0012 My Gijón, Your Gijón, Our Gijón

Music, folklore, literature, food, cider, cinema, … festivals. I learned something new in all of them. People from all walks of life and origins would take part using Gijón as their gate to the world. And Gijón citizens would always support them with their kindness and joy.

Every edge of you hugs me, cuddles me, enlightens me, it makes me wanna come back to you. You are the guide that leads my way to the harbor, your harbor, Gijón. And, just like all those who have been blessed with your company, I act as your humble ambassador all around the world.

Even though I was not born in Gijón my heart has always belonged to you.

Only those who don’t waste their time need no more time”. Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos. Spanish neoclassical statesman, author, philosopher and a major figure of the Age of Enlightenment in Spain from Gijón

Don’t waste your time. Come to Gijón.” Marissa Bordallo 


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