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Roll up… Roll on… Roll off

Green Coast of Northern Spain 300x186 Roll up… Roll on… Roll off

Tickets are now available for the recently announced and long awaited ferry linking Poole (UK) and Rosslare (Ireland) with Gijón via the Atlantic Arc Sea Motorway.

Prices naturally vary depending on the season and how far in advance you make the booking, just like airline tickets. The ferry, which transports both private and goods vehicles, allows savings on fuel and motorway costs. The ship covering both lines, the Norman Asturias, enables users to rest on the voyage and arrive fresh to then continue their journey on Spanish soil.

The ferry leaves Poole, one of Southern England’s largest harbours, on Tuesdays, departing on the return journey from Gijón, right in the middle of Spain’s northern coast, on Fridays.  The Rosslare-Gijón voyage involves a stopover of around 4 hours in Saint Nazaire (France).  There is no need to change ships, though you can disembark on foot to visit the surroundings during the wait.

Those interested can now take advantage of the special introductory offer to book their tickets on the LD Lines websites:   or

Sea Highway slsw 300x183 Roll up… Roll on… Roll off

So get your bike, car, caravan or campervan all spruced up and ready for rolling up, rolling on and rolling off to the Green Coast of Northern Spain… for many, the authentic Spain!

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