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Sharing cider and history in Cimavilla

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Any day of the week is good to visit the district of Cimavilla in Gijón to have a culín (sup) of cider or more. We propose a route for you to enjoy a perfect afternoon in Gijón’s old quarter.

In good weather, you’ll have to start out on the route soon as it is difficult to find room for yourself on the Cuesta del Cholo (Cholo’s Hill), where you can enjoy the views of La Barquera Harbour, Gijón’s old fishing port now converted into a marina, accompanied by cider, friends and a tapa or two.

After the first stop off, head up to Santa Catalina Headland to see the wonderful views of the city from the iconic Eulogy of the Horizon by Eduardo Chillida. From there, head down to Campos Valdés to enjoy San Pedro Church, the beach, the Roman Baths Museum and Valdés Palace. Just a few steps up the hill, you’ll find the Jovellanos Birthplace Museum and the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies, very close to the Plaza Mayor (town square). Right in front of the birthplace of Gijón’s illustrious scholar and statesman, there is a small square where you can make another stop to get your strength back with another sup of cider or two.

Then, after visits to museums, you can make another stop on this route brimming with ciderand history at the Plaza del Lavaderu (Washhouse Square) aka Plaza Arturo Arias, where you’ll find the former Tobacco Factory. From there, the route comes to an end at the Plaza Marqués, the site of Revillagigedo Palace and the Collegiate Church of St John the Baptist.

But what we really suggest is that you simply spend the afternoon in the neighbourhood, because every corner is perfect to enjoy a bottle of cider. Just remember to take this leaflet with you to learn a little more about the history of Gijón’s old quarter.

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