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Taxi! Let’s go sightseeing in Gijón

Tourist Taxi Service 300x220 Taxi! Let’s go sightseeing in Gijón

Would you like to make your visit to Gijón unique? What if you could have a guide just for you and your friends? Think of someone who knows the city and its people like the palm of their hand. Someone who you can count on in every city you visit.

We are talking about taxi drivers… the Tourist Taxi Service will provide you with fantastic professionals who can take you behind the scenes and tell you anecdotes about the city in Spanish, or other languages such as English or French.

The Tourist Taxi Service is an original, personalized way to get to know the city. In an hour and a half you can enjoy the journey which starts out in Plaza del Marqués, visiting the Marina, Talasoponiente, the Railway Museum of Asturias, San Lorenzo Beach, El Molinón football stadium, the Atlantic Botanic Gardens, Laboral City of Culture and the LABoral Art Centre, Cape San Lorenzo and Cimavilla, before heading back to Plaza Valdés.

But you won’t spend all the time in the taxi; you can request three stops to take photos and take home the memory of sights as impressive as the former Universidad Laboral, La Providencia Chapel and Cape San Lorenzo.

This service will also be promoted at the Port of El Musel so that cruise passengers may visit the city in a comfortable and fast way.
Finally, note that this service boasts the “Tourist Quality Commitment” emblem and also provides the option of an accessible hybrid vehicle.

So now you know, book your taxi and visit the city in a different way!
Further information:


  • Tourist information offices

  • Radio Taxi Gijón 985 14 11 11

  • Radio Taxi Villa de Jovellanos  985 16 44 44

Cost: €45, i.e. less than €12 per person in the case of all the seats in the taxi being occupied

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