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Gijón on your Smartphone

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What apps have you got on your mobile phone? We can guess that you have some to take notes, others to keep up to date with the news, those related to your hobbies and, of course, the essential ones to keep in touch with your family and friends. And for your visit to Gijón?

There are also a number of apps for this, too. On the one hand you have the possibility of Gijón in your pocket for both Android and iOS.

The app includes practical information on the history of the city, its beaches, gastronomy, cultural heritage and the calendar of festivities and events. All these elements are geolocated and the app provides a perfect personal guide during your visit, in addition to giving you the option of an audioguide for certain tours.  QGijón in your Pocket is a Gijón Tourism application.

There are other applications that can accompany you on your visit that provide a great deal of useful information on both Gijón and Asturias general: Voy a comer en (I’m going to eat in), where you’ll find all the “green kitchen” restaurants in the city. That is, restaurants that boast waste management certification. Asturplaya is an application that enables you to discover the paradise of Asturian beaches, their characteristics and services, how to get there, their surroundings, access and so on.

Finally, mention should be made of two apps that came into being as a result of the data release initiative that Gijón City Council embarked upon through the Open Data Meeting held in the city, QueYeHo and Gijon Plan, which provide guides to events, leisure activities and services in the city.


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