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A town to get to know and… to stay

cabecera Ana Obaya inglés A town to get to know and… to stay

Very young, I already showed some signs of having itchy feet; my grandparents used to run a little news agency at the railway station. I was fascinated by observing travellers with their luggage passing by, that fortunate people!  And I wondered where they were going to and why.

I left the town at 18 years old and never returned. I have lived in few cities and countries and I live at the present in a small town in Cambridgeshire, UK. I do not know how long I am going to stay here, neither where is going to be my next place in the world; but I do know the place where I want to come back and stay: Gijón.

My memories,

As a little girl, privileged without knowing: the beach summers, the “Rinconín” (pebbles and rock beach) adventures, the winters or walks along the “Muro” (San Lorenzo beach promenade), the walks along the quay, playing at the playground of Isabel la Católica park, the afternoons at the open air restaurants (merenderos), the hiking trips to the mountains (“over the back yard”).

As a teen, the walks eating “pipas” (salted sunflower seeds) along the Santa Catalina hill, roller skating on the “Muro”, the Great Week (Semana grande) festivals adventures, the near villages fairs and festivals, the gigs at the arena.

As a grown up: the performances at the Jovellanos or  Laboral theatres, the markets, the festivals, the smart shops in town and the close to you ones, where they would still ask “how are you doing?, where they still recognise me as the granddaughter of “Chucha”.

All those places of my memories are not only still there, but bigger and better, in a way that you can not do less than fall in love with Gijón: more beaches, more parks and playgrounds, walks taking you to the infinity, more cultural offers, more music, sports and activities for all.

A kind weather, a gastronomy finger licking good, not to mention the cakes shops (never seen anything like those in al the places I have lived).

Pasteles de Gijon 300x225 A town to get to know and… to stay

Spots for the ones who look for tranquillity, and for the ones that want to party. Spots to sit down and read a book. Spots for daydreaming and watching the life passing by. Spots for laughing and dancing. Always in that unique place between the air and soul purifying sea and the mountains, still wild, still unspoiled, so close. Spots for enjoy the life without hurry. To walk without purpose, only for the walk pleasure.

A place, with an special charm language, unconsciously sweet. A place of kind and friendly people, where if you ask for directions they would not tell those, they would take you there.

All that is Gijon, a town to get to know and… a place to stay.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ana Obaya

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