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Sea Highway Gijón to Nantes, pleasure or work

nantes 294x300 Sea Highway Gijón to Nantes, pleasure or work

The Sea Highway is a route that joins two highways on land by means of a maritime service.

From 4 September 2010 you can now travel by sea with your car from Gijón to Nantes, saving 10 hours and without having to stop along the way.

The vessel is perfectly conditioned for accommodating passengers and their vehicles and the crossing can be made in seats or in a cabin, depending on the type of cabin (with 4 beds, 2 beds, interior, exterior, etc.).  The prices vary but the route is basically cheaper, more comfortable and safer than travelling by road.  This was set up with the main objective of reducing road traffic and reducing the environmental impact.

The ship arrives at Saint Nazaire Port, which is sixty kilometres from Nantes.

The ship makes 3 departures a week from each port:

Gijón-Saint Nazaire

Tuesdays and Thursdays : Departure 19:30 / Arrival 12:00

Sundays: Departure 15:00 / Arrival 06:00

Saint Nazaire-Gijón

Mondays and Wednesdays : Departure 19:30 / Arrival 12:00

Fridays: Departure 23:00 / Arrival 15:30
The terminals have all the necessary services.  In Nantes there is a reception and information area, ticket office, telephone booths, toilets and showers available for drivers and 140 parking spaces.

In Gijón there are also rest areas and offices, toilets and showers for drivers and separate areas for pre-boarding and boarding and 118 parking spaces.

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure or by truck, car or caravan, this new “sea highway” allows you to travel in comfort and reach other European destinations.

For more information:

T. +34 918 272 988

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