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Gijón, my kind of city

cabecera Sara ingles Gijón, my kind of city

The title might sound a little bit cheesy but it’s certainly true that every time I think of Gijón these three words come to my mind.

It’s been almost five years since the first time I left my home town to live abroad and open my mind, break open my horizons, cohabit and learn from different cultures and get to know myself better. In the last few years my destiny and career have driven me to four different countries; UK, Switzerland, China and the U.S.  Although I have never regretted to having taken that decision, I do miss Gijón; its’ open nature, its’ kind and friendly people.  That’s why every time I have the chance to go back, I don’t hesitate for even a second.

Elogio1 Gijón, my kind of city

What I miss the most is going for a stroll in the docks heading to the jetty; smelling the sea whilst the rain or orbayu, an Asturias’ trademark, touches your face.  That’s why everybody who is born by the sea has a certain dependency or even need to be and feel close to the beach and sea. The promenades along the dock were my way of relieving the stress which used to take over my thoughts and routine; seeing the ships, the old fishermen houses and the sound of the waves breaking against the wall, made me feel even closer to my roots, my home.

There’s something that keeps on telling me that someday I will settle down in Gijón and I will give back everything that this city has given me. Where else than one of the top five cities in Spain in terms of life quality would be a better choice to have a family?

Gijón, you know that I will be back sooner or later, it’s always been a “see you soon” not a goodbye.


Sara Garrido González

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