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Gluten-free Gijón

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Shall we have dinner? Fancy a beer? Most of us would not hesitate to say yes to these invitations to have a good time with family and friends. However, it constitutes a problem for one out of 100 individuals in Europe, who are forced to say no for health reasons, because they have to control not only the ingredients, but also the preparation of food and drinks.

Would you like that not to be the case?  Gluten-free Gijón is an initiative aimed at people with food intolerance so that they can enjoy their stay in Gijon with the utmost peace of mind. To give you an idea:

You can book a room indicating that you are signing up “to the gluten-free Gijón thing” and your breakfast there will include muffins, biscuits with or without chocolate and various types of bread suitable for coeliacs.

You can also enjoy a beer or a fine wine before lunch accompanied by an aperitif in the city’s gluten-free pubs and wine bars.

Finally, you won’t need to cook your own lunch or dinner, as you can choose between savouring a special menu at the hotel or enjoying Gijón’s excellent restaurants. What do you fancy? A burger, grilled meats and vegetables, cannelloni, pasta, fish, seafood and, of course, the typical dishes of Asturias cuisine. Fancy something more exotic? Venison with hazelnut puree, cardoon with almonds, clams with artichokes, rancher-style frijoles… to name just a few. From the most traditional to the most contemporary dishes. And, of course, dessert is still to come: ice cream, pasties, pastries, special yogurts like, for example, raspberry with lacositos (Spanish Smarties), polvorones (small, crumbly almond cakes), marzipan treats… and more!

A great menu, but what about cross contamination? Don’t worry, all the Gluten-free Gijón establishments have received the necessary training in this respect. They have also received accreditation from the Principality of Asturias Coeliacs Association (ACEPA) and are identifiable via a sticker issued by the City Council so you can confidently enjoy Gijón with peace of mind.

Let’s repeat the invitation: Shall we have dinner? Fancy a beer? … in Gluten-free Gijón

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