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Two months with good music

With your ears wide open, you are really going to dig the music programmed for June and July. Pack your bags and don’t forget… tickets are going to sell like hotcakes.

On 25th June, in the Botanic Gardens, the incomparable setting of the Rionda Watermill will be the venue for an American folk-rock concert, featuring Joel Rafael and Stormy Mondays. That same day, the Sala Acapulco nightclub will host a tribute to Bruce Springsteen featuring George Milson. A musical appetizer for the explosion of applause and roars of those lucky enough to have got tickets for the following day, 26th June, when the American singer will give his only schedule concert in Spain, in the El Molinón football stadium.

A curious fact about these concerts is that Stormy Mondays, the Asturian group with folk-rock influences, participated in Woodstock ‘99 and shared the stage with Bruce in New Jersey. Now they come together again in our home town.

But the plug won’t be pulled on the guitars when Bruce leaves, because a month later, on 29th July, former leader of Dire Straits Mark Knopfler will be here to surprise us all at the Laboral complex with new materials that is a blend of folk, blues, country and rock. An exceptional grand finale to this style of music.

But there are more genres than just rock, and Gijón likes them all. So don’t forget to circle 25th July in your diary, as that’s the day Pitbull opens his Spanish tour here with us. Get ready to dance to the most barefaced, provocative and sensual rhythm at the Palacio de Deports sports centre, as only he knows how to.

From brazenness to the sweet melodic music of Pablo Alborán on 27th July in the courtyard of the Laboral complex. Since his debut in 2011, this singer from Malaga, who has already been nominated for 4 Latin Grammy Awards, will delight fans with songs like Solamente tú [Just You] and Perdóname [Forgive Me].

In short… you got your ears wide open? Well, now you just need to get here to Gijón!

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