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March winds and April showers, bring forth May flowers

botánico1 300x225 March winds and April showers, bring forth May flowersAnd the Atlantic Botanic Gardens are no exception! What’s more, the gardens are celebrating their 10th anniversary with open days between 17th and 19th May.

On Saturday 17th, children will have the chance to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Botanic Gardens alongside some children’s choirs, blow out the candles of an enormous fruitcake… and then tuck into it!

What’s more, to mark the occasion, a new programme of guided visits will be presented to the public. In addition to the current general visit, there will be four new visits. Each of which will focus on one of the four major areas into which the Atlantic Botanic Gardens are divided: the Bay of Biscay Environment, the Plant Factory, the La Isla Historic Garden and the Atlantic Route).

The aim is to make the permanent collections and exhibits of the “museum of plant life” better known to the public at large, allowing visitors to discover “the many gardens these Botanic Gardens enclose”.

On the Saturday and Sunday, the visit to the La Isla Garden will include entry to the private part of the estate, where an actor will play the part of the original owner, Florencio Valdés, and show the house to visitors.

On 18th and 19th, a multidisciplinary play will be staged in the private gardens of the house providing an insight into Gijón in the early 1900s.

Art will also have a part to play in the open-day events, as an exhibition of sculptures by Gijón artist Vicente Vázquez Canónico, holder of a silver medal from the city of Gijón, will open on 17th.

So, all in all, three days for nature lovers to enjoy May’s flowers… and much, much more!

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