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Active presence in the Laboral Art Center of Gijón

Sergio Prego Sin titulo 1 300x199 Active presence in the Laboral Art Center of Gijón Active Presence brings to the LABoral the action and installation of 12 artists specialized in performance. A perfect pleasure, going to the LABoral and physically experiences this proposal. We did it and we like it. Take a free tour if you can.

The action and installation, these two branches of contemporary art can be seen as a mirror image of each other. In fact, both are based in the principle of presence – of Active Presence. In performance art, it is the presence of the artist that is tantamount – in installation, the spectator. When reflected onto one another installation and performance art develop in divergent directions that are opposed but also superimposed, thus creating an axis between two poles. Along this axis are infinite possibilities of interaction. Performance becomes transitive.

Co-produced by the LABoral Art Centre and Industrial Creation of Gijón and the framework, the Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo, it shows many dynamic installations landscapes activated by the artists and/or the public.

If you go with children, they will love Sergio Prego’s installation, a subdivision of architecture in different levels through transitable, transparent and translucent tunnels. You will find them on the hall of the centre. The artist proposes a journey through a spatial movement that goes beyond the spatiotemporal limits.

To discover what is being done on the asturian art, we recommend “What I’m living” (2012) by Gema Ramos. The installation is base don the romantic idea of the territorial planning and landscape management. From the actual crisis situation, this asturian artist reflects about the capacity of the imagined to participate in the consciousness and unconsciousness of this world.

Finally, we propose a challenge “Record Attempt” (2008) by Tom Kubli who presents a direct scenery where participants can try to break the record of Longest guitar solo ever played” which the author marked on the exposition inauguration with 17 HOURS, 21 MINUTES AND 2 SECONDS… Can you imagine it? The contest is open to the public, with an appointment and a presence of a notary.

When the cabin is empty, it Works as silent witness. Anyone dare to break the German mark?

These are only three proposals of Active Presence, but there is much more, come to the LABoral until 25th February and tell us which is your favourite piece.



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