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Gijón’s City Breaks: Amagüestu in the Botanical Garden

amaguestu1 199x300 Gijón’s City Breaks: Amagüestu in the Botanical GardenAt the end of October and beginning of November, we start feeling the chestnuts’ air, a strong and warm wind that pull the chestnut hedgehog down. It is time to go to the gueta to make amagüestos.

The Amagüesto fete comes from the Celtic times and is related, in part, with the death fest because in some places, the fruit is returned to the earth to feed the persons who live in the afterlife. It is held in many places of Spain with different names: in Galicia is magosto, in Cantabria it is called magosta, in the Basque Country is gaztainerre and in Cataluña castañada. We can also find some influences in Portugal, Extremadura or Zamora.

In Asturias, the time to collect chestnuts match with the apple mash to make the cider. This is why the cider cannot fail in the amagüestos. This cider is the first juice from the mash apple, without fermentation and it has no alcohol.

The amagüestos are fests where the chestnuts are roasted. We put the chestnut in the drum on the fire and stir it. With this fest, we remind earlier times when the chestnuts were one of the most important food in our kitchens, before the corn and potato arrival.

You can learn more about this autumn fest thanks to Gijón City Breaks: Amagüestu in the Atlantic Botanical Garden, which will be hold on Saturday, the 15th of December, between 12:00 and 15:00 h.

It is an activity to go with your partner, your family or a group of friends… We wait for you!

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