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Sweet-toothed Gijón: Pomme Sucre

amaguestu 288x300 Sweet toothed Gijón: Pomme SucreJulio Blanco is currently the major media celebrity among local pastry chefs. And not precisely because he encourages it -he prefers the four walls of his baker to the television set-, but because his creations cause a sensation and his presence at festivals like Madrid Fusion has triggered the media’s interest.

He produces modern, minimalist confectionaries presented in original wrappings. Following a successful decade, he has spread his tentacles out towards Madrid, Avilés, Oviedo and Albacete. SMT 14453 17 200x300 Sweet toothed Gijón: Pomme Sucre

His Christmas catalogue is amazing, always brimming with novelties that make sense. He makes one fo the best panettones in Spain and has a very good hand with puff pastries and sweet buns.

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