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Sweet-Toothed Gijón: Casadiella Asturiana

 Sweet Toothed Gijón: Casadiella AsturianaWe are going to Biarittz pastry to eat “casadiellas”. Would you like to come with us?

Back in the 1970s, a precocious assistant pastry chef who had learned the trade in Granada, and who had also worked both in a flour Factory in Burgos and as an analyst in a nitrogen Factory in la Felguera, decided to open un shop closet o San Lorenzo Beach.

 Sweet Toothed Gijón: Casadiella AsturianaIt was a raging success and he son began to be known and recognised for his excellent way of frying “churros” as well as “casadielles”. In 1979, Francisco passed on the baton to his daughter Rosa, who continues to run the business nowadays, keeping up the tradition of lighting the flame that enraptures passers-by every morning.

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