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Sweet-toothed Gijón: Applebeat

latido de manzana1 Sweet toothed Gijón: ApplebeatSweet-toothed Gijón presents one of its most irresistible temptations: The “Latido de Manzana” (Applebeat).
This delicious sweet is made with crumble biscuit (base), chocolate ganache and roasted apples. A black chocolate table covers the top of it.

Where can you taste this special sweet? In Argüelles, one of the oldest pastries of Gijón. Its origins date back to early 20th Century when Gersán, the great-grandfather of the current generation of bakers sold eggs, sweets and flour in the town of Laviana.

smt 14453 32 Sweet toothed Gijón: Applebeat

After years of success, his children named the new Pastry as Argüelles, as his father’s surname. These days it is one of the most elegant and known establishments of Gijón.

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