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Gijón’s cuisine: Fabada

 Gijón’s cuisine: FabadaThese days the “Soup and Broths” gastronomic event is taking part in Gijón. On this article we are going to write about the “Fabada Asturiana”, the most famous stew of the region.

Fabada is made with beans and pork belly, “chorizo and morcilla” (kind of red and black sausages). It is a hot and heavy dish most commonly eaten during winter and at the largest meal of the day, lunch. It is typically served with crusty bread, and with Asturian cider or a red wine.

The experts think that the fabada could exist since the 18th Century thanks to the influence of St. James’ Way due to its similarity to the french “cassoulet del Languedoc”.

The first written reference dates from 1884, where a Gijón’s newspaper called “El Comercio” mentions it, but without the recipe. Do you want to cook it? We leave you this link to the fabada recipe.

Enjoy your meal!

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