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Sweet-toothed Gijón: apple ice cream

 Sweet toothed Gijón: apple ice creamSweet-toothed Gijón offers the chance to try 16 specialities that are emblematic of their corresponding establishments in the city. Thanks to their vouchers, you can taste 5 sweets (5 €) or 10 (13 €).

We would like to introduce you one of the newness of this edition of Sweet-toothed Gijón: Coppelia.

This establishment is an ice-cream parlor, founded in 1992. They make artisan ice creams during the whole year. One of their specialities is the apple ice cream, included within the variety you can taste with these vouchers.

They also make efforts to create new tastes, creams and sorbets, such as gin tonic, mojito or pistachio sorbets. Their ice creams are characterized by a low grade of overrun, the amount of air incorporated to the ice cream.

Its owners, Mila and Chema, come from a family with high experience on ice cream making, but on this period, they introduce some creative recipes, like greek yogurt ice cream.

 Sweet toothed Gijón: apple ice cream

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