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European Theatre Fair for Children- Feten 2012 in Gijón

 European Theatre Fair for Children  Feten 2012 in GijónEvery year Gijón hosts one of the most popular cultural events: FETEN (European Theatre Fair for Children), from 25th February to 2nd March.

The fair is aimed at general and professional public, and includes works for young audiences by theatre companies from all over de world. This year incorporates more tan 140 shows from 67 theatre companies from different European countries as Austria, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Spain.

The performances take place in various theatres, schools, and centres of learning and throughout the city with a wide range of activities designed for children and families, as theatre for children, juggling, dance, music, puppets…

One of the aims of the fair is to highlight new theatrical works and to encourage promoters and schedulers to contract them.

There will be also an exhibition at ‘Antiguo Instituto’ Cultural Centre of the replica of the legendary theatre Shakespeare Globe, made by Escalante Theatrical Centre. This is the principal part of ‘In Love With Shakespeare’ Exhibition, led by Paula Salinas.

Here you can see a sample of the shows we can enjoy during these days:

Mowgli The Jungle Boy. Lleida’s Puppets Centre

Mr. Baltasar animals. Teloncillo’s Theatre

Stories in dance. Carmen Roche Ballet

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