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Carnival in Gijón

 Carnival in GijónFrom 16th until 21st of February Gijón celebrates one of the funniest festivals of the year: The Carnival. Its origin is due to The Lenten period of the Church calendar’s liturgical year. During the forty days of Lent no parties or other celebrations were held, so the people celebrated a big party before this period of penitential practices, where lots of food and drink were offered.

It starts with the ‘Comadres’ Party, taking place on the 16th of February, where men stay at home and women go out for dinner and party all night.  Restaurants offer special menus for that day with a special dessert: frixuelos (a kind of crepes)

There are lot of activities in the city those days, people disguise themselves, attend carnival parades, students celebrate the festivity at school making their own costumes and people have fun with their friends and relatives.

A Gastronomy event is held on the different establishments of the city offering a special menu from 15€ (Tax included, drinks not included):

Pote de Berzas (Asturian cabbage soup with pork)

Picadillo de matanza (mince meat)

Frixuelos (crepes) or Picatostes (croutons)

As you see, we offer the whole package: fun, parades, gastronomy and much much more… Do you want to come?

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