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Christmas in Gijón

navidad en gijon 2 Christmas in GijónChristmas has come to the city.  Gijón celebrates the last month of the year with a long list of activities for children and adults to take part in on your own or with the family.

The Christmas lights in the streets of Gijón tell us that Christmas is here!

Christmas would not be the same without the Gijón Nativity Scene which, as is the custom every year, has been created by the Nativity Society.  It shows a typical scene in a square in a Jewish town with all the trades and crafts that existed during that time.

Christmas has also come to Gijón Botanical Garden  where a Free Open-door Event is held from 16 December to 8 January. During your visit, be sure to see the Monumental Nativity which has 30 enormous sculptures. The Winter Solstice event is also held on 18 December, with an extremely interesting programme.

Another classic for children in Gijón is Mercaplana, the most important children’s fair! Children can also visit the Navidubi-¡dubi Week at El hervidero, in Galería Espacio Líquido Gijón, which offers an entertaining programme for children aged over 4.

 The welcome of Prince Ben Ali is another children’s event that is not to be missed.  They can bring along their letters for him to deliver to Their Majesties the Three Kings who will be arriving at Gijón on 5 January and participating in the grandKings Parade . 

Music is another important element this December in Gijón.  On 18 December the Grand New Year Concert will be held at Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, with a fantastic selection of the best waltzes, polkas and marches by Johann Strauss.  On 31 December Gijón City Band is organising a Christmas Carol Concert at Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto.

 And for older folk who are feeling nostalgic, the exhibition Christmas  2011 “…”Take a look out of the window …1940/1970” in Gijón” includes different objects from those years, bringing back memories and allowing different generations to exchange stories and memories .  This exhibition is on at the Exhibitions Hall in PumarínGijónSur Municipal Centre .

Gijón is preparing to celebrate the last month of the year.  We’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you will pay us a visit!

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