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Amagüestu in Gijón

amagc3bcestu en gijon Amagüestu in GijónCastañes y sidra del duerno!…..When autumn comes, the Principality of Asturias celebrates the popular festivity “Amagüestu”.

            During the months of October and November, the people from Asturias collect chestnuts and apples from the forests and get ready to celebrate one of the most popular festivities in Asturias: Amagüestu. The main ingredients of this festivity, which is very popular in Asturias are the chestnut and the apple.

            Amagüestu is a longstanding tradition celebrated in country houses and villages all over Asturias. Chestnuts were one of the main energy foods during the winter for humble folk and over time, the chestnut-roasting tradition was adopted by the church, with priests distributing chestnuts in the porches of the church after mass. As a result, what started out as a custom eventually became a local festivity, in which the arrival of winter was celebrated by eating chestnuts and drinking sweet cider, as well as regional dancing to the sound of bagpipes and tambourines.

            According to tradition, chestnuts symbolise the souls of the dead. Each chestnut consumed released a soul from hell, and roast chestnuts were even left  “for the absent”.

In Gijón, certain cider houses along the Cider Route organise activities to celebrate Amagüestu.  LlagarTrabanco organises chestnut hunts and sweet cider and the opportunity to taste the chestnuts at traditional “espichas” or parties every Sunday in October and November.. The prices are €16 for adults and €9.50 for children (up to the age of ten)

It is time to celebrate Amagüestu in Asturias and in Gijón.

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